Logging in

Logging in (authentication) with Savory7 is done using a Google account. When needed, Savory7, will prompt you to login. Logging in let's Savory7 know who you are; but, it does not give you access unless you have permissions to access the site.


Permissions (authorization) for a user are controlled by a site manager through the Management site. Permissions are assigned to a user by their email address.


The user is the person currently logged in with a google account and a matching staff member email address is found. Logging out the user also logs out the Goolge account.

Active user

An active user can be used to adjust the permissions that are currently being used. An active user does not need to have an email address or be logged in.


A device can be locked so that a PIN is required to unlock. The PIN used to unlock does not have to match the user logged in and it will set the active user.