The Savory7 Menu enables simple and complex items to be created.


The menu is a 'tree' structure with four item types.

  1. Category - A named group of products
  2. Product - An item that can be ordered
  3. Option group - A set of rules for selecting options
  4. Option - An option to modify a product

These four items have the following relationships.

  1. Category -> A list of products
  2. Product -> A list of option groups
  3. Option group -> A list of options
  4. Option -> A list of option groups

Notice that an option can reference an option group which enables a deeply nested data structure that can support a highly customizable product.


A category is a named group of products. It is used to group related products together such as appetizers or sandwiches. It can also be used for daily or limited specials by setting its avaiability.


A product is the item that a customer can order. The product has many features such as a name, description, price, image and more. A product can be as simple as a name and price; but, it can also be highly customizable and support up selling through the addition of option groups. A product can have several option groups.

Option group

An option group contains options and can be added to a product as well as an option. An option group enables customization and up selling; examples of option groups include salad dressings, side items, and toppings. An option group defines rules for the min and max options that a customer can/must select for a product.


An option is a modifier that a customer can select for a product. This could be a salad dressing, side item, topping, etc... An option can have a price which enables up selling. An option can also contain option groups; for instance a side salad option may contain a salad dressings option group which forces the customer to select a salad dressing the salad side item.

Inventory management

Products include ingredients that are part of the inventory management system. Ingredients that are added to a product show up on the dashboard which simplifies cooking operations by performing calculations on the current ingredients needed for orders in progress and products will automatically disable themselves as sold out if no inventory is available.

See inventory management Reports

Products are included reports so that you have insights into the performance of your menu.

See reports