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Kitchen dashboard Part of our all inclusive platform

The Savory7 kitchen dashboard brings advanced technology into your kitchen that is normally only available to large national chains. The dashboard enables your kitchen staff to focus better on their jobs by providing the most relevant information to their work station.

Ticket colors

Tickets can be colored with up to 5 different colors. These colors can be used however you like. A red ticket could mean the order needs to be rushed. A green ticket may represent a to go or curbside order. Yellow tickets may represent orders that only require a specific cooking station like the fryer.

Ticket filters

Tickets can be filtered by color which truely enables your staff to focus. Different cook stations can have different filters to enable a station to focus on the tickets that are important to them while filtering out tickets that are not.

Ticket views

There are multiple views, including an ingredient view, to make tickets easier to read. Tickets include aggregrated values so that your kitchen staff no longer has to do math.

Ticket summaries

A summary section provides a broad aggregrated view of every item and ingredient that is needed to fulfill the current tickets.

Access anywhere

The Savory7 dashboard can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. You can checkin on the status of your restaurant on the road or from your home.

No special equipment

The Savory7 dashboard runs on any modern day browser, any tablet or computer will work. The dashboard can replace the receipt printer and enable your restaurant to go paperless.

Redundency and resiliency

The Savory7 dashboard offers amazing redundency for restaurants that rely on technology as part of their opertaions. If a printer fails you can go paperless. If a tablet overheats or breaks, you switch to a different tablet.

Frustration free

The Savory7 is committed to providing a frustration platform. Our staff is ready to help you with anything you need.