Free all inclusive solution

for restaurants

website & online ordering
printers & dashboards
merchant services & reports

Savory7 is a free all inclusive cloud platform for restaurants that provides custom websites and online ordering that seemlessly integrates into your kitchen with a receipt printer or our advanced touchscreen dashboard; powered by merchant services with ultra low rates.

Free features
Your restaurant, your brand

You've worked hard to create a great restaurant with a powerful brand and win over customers; so don't send them to another website that may steal your customers with their own branding and send them to your competitors. Keep your customers on your branded site. Savory7 includes a custom branded website with online ordering so your customers never have to leave your branded experience.

No special equipment

Savory7 was built for modern day cloud computing and will work on any modern day browser. No special equiment needed; no apps to download. Any modern day device with a browser will work, including: iPad, iPhone, Andriod tablet, Android phone, Microsoft Surface, and much more will work.

Frustration free

Piece meal solutions are cumbersome to manage and become expensive very quickly. Savory7 is a frustration free one stop all inclusive solution.