The dashboard improves operational efficiency and removes the need for receipt printers.

As orders enter the system, they are automatically added to the dashboard.

Orders View

The orders view shows all the orders that are currently in progress. You can select an order by tapping it to change to the Order View. The color filter can be used to limit the orders displayed in this view.

Order View

The order view provides all the details of an order. An order can be colorized, receipts can be printed, and the order can be changed to a completed state along with texting the customer the order is ready.

Summary View

The summary view provides an item count, ingredient count, list of comments that make it quick and easy to undertand all of the orders that are in progress. The color filter can be applied to limit the summary to only orders of selected colors.

Color filter

The dashboard allows for orders to be colored using 6 different colors. These colors can be used to mean anything your kitchen wants. Typically they are used to identify a flow in which same orders are being cooked while some orders are being prepared. Some order may need to be rushed and are colorized for that purpose. The beauty of the color scheme is that your kitchen can choose what it means and how to best use it.

By default, all colors are shown. This can be filtered to only show select colors. This affects the orders a specific dashboard sees as well as the summary values. A filter can be toggled to show all orders or only the orders of certain colors.


Printers can be optionally configured for the dashboard which enables receipts as well as fulfilment printing for an order summary and item. Printing is done from the Order View. If no printers are selected then the printing buttons on the order view are hidden.