The Savory7 Kiosk improves the customer checkout experience and reduces payment collection time with a touch screen for entering tips and instructions for the customer to insert a card or use a payment app.

The Kiosk works with a Card reader and any tablet.

To start a Kiosk, open a browser on your tablet and go to the /kiosk URL of your website. This will automatically register a new Kiosk device with Savory7. You must have admin privileges to do this.

The Kiosk will display an ID in the top right corner. This ID can be found in the POS app and selected on the Equipment page. Selecting a Card Reader and Kiosk enables the POS to use the Kiosk for collecting tips and credit card information.

If both a Card Reader and Kiosk are selected on the POS Equipment page; then card processing will go through the Kiosk.