Printers can be used to create receipts for customers as well as managing orders in the kitchen.

Savory7 is a technology partner with Star Micronics; any CloudPRNT printer can be used.

These printers can be purchased anywhere, if you already have one you can use it.


The enabled checkbox will turn printing on and off for the printer.

The name field makes it easier to identify the desired printer to use in the POS.

The timeout identifies the period of time a print job has to pring before it is marked as a failure and removed from the printing queue.

Adding printer

Printers are managed using the management site. Follow these steps to add a new printer.

1. Connect printer to internet

Plug in an Ethernet cable to the back of the printer and a router.

2. Find printer IP address

Turn the printer off and then hold down the feed button while turning the printer on. Wait for a beep or the printer to start printing and release the feed button. A receipt should be printed with an IP address at the bottom.

3. Log into printer

Using a device that is connected to the same network as the printer, open a browser and enter the IP address in the browser address bar.

4. Configure CloudPRNT

Use the sidebar to navigate to CloudPRNT.

5. Search for printer

Click the search for printer button.