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Online ordering

Improve your sales conversions with an online ordering platform that is integrated into your custom website. Keeping your customer on your site improves sales and allows you to control their experience.

Step 1

Customers place orders through your custom website using their phone or computer, no app required. Any modern day browser will work. As part of the order placement, customers pay for the order using a credit card.

Step 2

The order prints directly in your kitchen. No copying an order from one POS system to another. Our advanced order dashboard can also be used in place of printed receipts, or in addtion to them. The order dashboard greatly improves operational efficiencies and allows you to communicate with your customer.

Step 3

The money collected from the customer during step 1 is deposited into your bank account the next day. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports are automatically generated providing useful insights.

Frustration free

The Savory7 is committed to providing a frustration platform. Our staff is ready to help you with anything you need.