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Point Of Sales POS

Savory7 offers an industry leading cloud based POS system that is simple to use and requires no special equipment. Any modern phone, tablet, or computer works with Savory7. No app to install, only a modern browser like Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.


The Savory7 POS can use wifi or cellular internet plan which enables great mobility. You no longer need to be stuck at fixed location, you can move around and take the POS to the customer using a tablet or phone with connection to the internet.

Food truck ready

The Savory7 POS works great on food trucks and mobile pop ups. Any mobile device with a cellualr internet plan or a mobile hotspot can be used.

Any payment

Accept credit cards with a mobile card reader. This wifi connected device integrates perfectly with our mobile POS. It supports swipe, chip, and tap.

This device can be rented for $25 a month. Rental includes free upgrades and can be cancelled at any time.

More device details

Any device

Any phone, tablet, or computer can be used as a POS.

Savory7 is a browser based solution that runs on any modern browser. There are no apps to download and no special equipment required. You probably already have the equipment needed to use Savory7.