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Savory7 Printer

A seamless integration into your restaurant.

Savory7 uses the highly durable and reliable SP 700 printer from Star Micronics. This proven work horse can stand up to the tough environment of a hot kitchen. When a customer makes an order; it can be printed directly in your kitchen without the need for front of house staff to copy orders over from an tablet some other labor intensive approach.

Savory7 configures and provides the printer directly to you, free of charge. No leasing or up front costs. We are confident in our technology and services and our goal is to establish long lasting relationships with our clients.

The printer requires a connection to the internet over ethernet. The printer can be placed any where you like; we recommend placing it in the kitchen to directly notify your culinary staff.

The printer is the primary and recommended means of integration; but, it's not the only option and there are fallbacks if the printer fails. If the printer fails, then a text message or automated voice call will notify you of the failure. The order can be accessed from email or the website if needed.

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